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September update

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Dave    29

Apologies for the downtime. One of the benefits of a sleepy forum? No one cares about downtime.

There were some significant problems, and I had to delete a few things server side and then submit a support ticket for a separate issue I was having on the software side. I'll try to bullet point things.

  • The 'p' button on my keyboard is working about half the time.
  • The Gallery is gone. There's just no point to keeing keeping it at this juncture.
  • We now have the otion (damn it) option of creating Clubs. These can have their own forums/blogs. Clubs have leaders and moderators. Public or private.
  • Instead of pointlessly +/- 1 to a post you like/loathe, you can now pointlessly add a reaction: like, thanks, confused, sad, haha. So yeah. I'll add a skull option this weekend. (I've still left the -1 (negative) reaction disabled. Please turn to reddit for all your neg needs.) Suggestions for this welcome. It looks easy to add new ones. If anyone sees Gashlycrumb Tinies/Edward Gorey icons, let me know.
  • The reputation system hasn't changed, and I don't care about it, but the default levels are lame and I'll change those. I remember seeking suggestions to this years ago.
  • Blogs are still a feature. I don't know why I pay money for it, but I do. Couldn't justify pointless Galleries, but pointless Blogs? Yessir.
  • Tags are still a thing. I like those.
  • Friends have been replaced by Followers for a reason I can neither understand nor articulate. As a result, all Friends have been deleted during the upgrade and everyone starts with 0 Followers.
  • The medals/awards thing under the profile (to your left)...I added those by hand years ago. Now that feature is being sold at $15-20 per year, which seems nutty. I'll see if I can redo it, but the new software is...new. Its most likely future is deletion.
  • I'll listen to any suggestions you may have, and I anticipate answering, "I don't have time to do that."

Edit: the smilies have to be redone and reinstalled. The default ones are in for now.

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