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monogodo    9

As you may or may not know, I work in the printing industry. Specifically, I run the in-house copy center at the corporate headquarters of a luxury retailer, the Nameless Merchant, located in Downtown Dallas. I don't work for the Nameless Merchant, but rather a printing company that has contracted with them for the services.


As you may also know, print is dying. I don't believe it'll completely go away, but there's no disputing the path it's currently on. We used to do $50k-$75k per month in sales. A bad month was $30k. In November, we did less than $3k. The main reason for this reduction in print volume is that the Nameless Merchant issued iPads to all of their sales departments, and every sales staff member has a company-issued iPhone. They no longer print their Look Books - they publish them to an app that their staff has on their devices. It makes total sense, and I'm surprised it took so long for them to do it. That being said, they are happy with us being here, as they do have a need for us.


Except their lease on the building next door, which houses a cafe and their Visual offices, was not renewed. They're moving the cafe into the main store. The Visual offices are taking over our space. They have no place else to put the Copy Center, so I've got to go off-site. My bosses looked at our needs in our stores, as well as the various stores' proximity to the Nameless Merchant, and decided to move me, and almost my entire shop, into our Greenville Ave location.


My first day at my new location is May 18. My equipment will follow on May 26. The reasons for this are that the manager of the store I'm moving to is on vacation from May 23-27, and I'm on vacation from May 31-June 3, and she wants to work with me a couple of days before the move, so that we both understand what is expected of each other.


I look at it as a good thing. I'll be more visible to the higher-ups in the company. I'll finally get credit for all of the printing work I do for another client. The store I'm going to needs (and wants) me.


It's not that much farther out of our way, commute-wise. With us only having one car, it does make for a long day for my wife, as she'll have to drop me at work, then back-track to hers. Why don't we drop her off first, you ask? Because my hours are 8:30-5:30, and hers are 9-5. If I dropped her off first, she'd be working 10-hour days. It's bad enough that she'll have to do extra driving. On the plus side, we've talked it over, and I'm going to get a scooter. I'm looking for something in the range of a 125cc - 150cc Vespa/Piaggio/Genuine/Honda scooter. Something that'll do 60mph, so I don't get killed on the city streets, but not fast enough to risk taking it on the freeway, where I would get killed for sure. Thanks to my older brother, I'm thinking about getting a Ural motorcycle with sidecar at some point. It's a little too temperamental to have as a first motorcycle, so I'll start with the scooter first. Plus, I can get a sidecar for the scooter, too.

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Dave    29

Don't worry, the robot overlords will still need guys like us to write and print headstones for the human race.


In all seriousness, good luck. Look for opportunities there where you can move up and manage people or projects (something you could use to pitch yourself to another place, should you ever need. Pitch it as a project and not a "print project," as in "I managed a $x project about y, coordinating z people and w subprojects." Or just see how many times you can say "I'm goal oriented! Leadership!" at a job interview.)

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