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    I'm interested in all kinds of things. None of which involve "being nice to people" or "showering regularly".
  1. Site Issue

    Remember the old days?
  2. Ask a Mormon

    Do all Mormons marry multiple wives? Isn't one enough?
  3. Exactly. Maybe a rock climber will fall on a rollerblader. Gold fucking medal for sure.
  4. Michael Jordan is 50

    I have never watched a basketball game.
  5. Windows 7

    Please do. Your constant peeping into my bathroom is disrupting my bowel movements.
  6. Gaming Computer

    I remember AlienWare used to make wicked gaming systems. Not sure if they are still any good. But, you'd almost have to lay out what it is you want your system to have, and the cost of building it, and see if maybe its more economical to buy a pre-built system. Fuck. I just used the word economical.
  7. What video games are you playing?

    Playing FarCry 3. It helps me with my anger management. I like to think.
  8. Ask McAwesome II

    Why is bacon looking at naked babies?
  9. Ask McAwesome II

    Would you be willing to loan me one or two of your Malaysians? I'd just like to keep them in my trunk and have them pop-out when needed. You know, in the event I need someone to help me carry beer. Or a drugged hooker.
  10. Windows 7

    The only windows I use are basement windows. The people inside are less likely to see you peeping.
  11. But... think of all the edge-of-your-seat moments that can happen during rock climbing. Going to be a nail-biter for sure. Fuck them for getting rid of wrestling.
  12. When I Was Dumb

    So... You're saying you still love me?
  13. Pope Resigns

    If I were Pope, well. Shit. I don't know. But I'd let you have all the body and blood of Christ you wanted. That HAS to count for something.
  14. Profit Sharing

    Chad, when you say self-deport, do you mean "Pack your shit and get the fuck out"? Or something more subtle, like; "Pack your shit and get the fuck out"?
  15. Disney Buys Lucasfilm

    Actually. I'd like to see a movie about Darth Vader. One of the most epic bad guys ever. Was his life as funny as ?