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  1. NFL season 2017

    Jets/Pats week 6: The Seferian-Jenkins five-yard catch for a TD which was reviewed and overturned as a fumble through the end zone was one of the worst calls since the invention of replay. Who's to say how the rest of the fourth quarter would have played out otherwise, and I grant you that Jets coach Bowles misuse of timeouts is its own issue, but that call changed the game from Jets down 24-21 kicking off to 24-14 Pats ball on the 20.
  2. What with the forum being down, I didn't get to post before the season started. Instead, I'll post some of my preseason thoughts and how that's changed two games in. I'm listing the teams in the order I had them in my preseason notes. Feel free not to believe me. AFC East (predicted finish from left (1) to right (4)) NE, Miami, Buffalo, NYJ A fun bet would've been: over/under week the Patriots clinch the division title. Jets over/under for wins was 4.5 for the longest time and I thought, "Who's betting the over?" 3.5 was the right line and it moved that way two days before the season started. Jets and Bills were both shedding talent to suck this year and I dread rooting for the Jets for all 16 games of what will be a disaster. Jets can't move the ball and that means their D unit (the only non-sucky part of the team) will be on the field too long that it will give up big plays in the second half. (I was wrong because through two games the defense has looked horrible.) AFC North Pitt, Baltimore, Bengals, Browns The Steelers offense is loaded with weapons. If their defense can put up a couple of big stops over the course of the season, Pitt will sail to the AFC Championship. Their offense is built to torch NE. The Ravens are mostly okay, but I don't like their WRs and RBs. They don't have the firepower to be competitive with elite teams, and they will struggle to put away average teams. Do you like Bengals' Andy Dalton? Fine. Like him with a questionable O-line that is objectively worse than last year? I don't. But their offense has good pieces at the skills positions. Joe Mixon could be a beast at RB, but can he be a beast behind that line? I think the ceiling for this Bengals team is making a run for WC. (Bengals are 0-2 with Green Bay next. Their season is over. Ravens D is better than I gave them credit for.) AFC South Titans, Texans, Colts, Jags Who cares about this division? Seriously. Titans are good enough to do some damage. I like what Mariota has been doing at QB. The rest of the div is dreck. That may be unfair to the Texans, but I can't take them seriously as playoff material. Luck will be out too much of the season for the Colts to do anything. (After 2 games we see how bad the Colts are without Luck.) AFC West Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers Best division in football. Oakland, KC and Denver are almost pick 'em for the div title. I like the Raiders. Best O-line in the AFC, tons of weapons at all positions. I see the Raiders and Steelers as NE-killers. I would've liked to see Carr get some playoff experience last year, but the injury was what it was. AFC Playoffs I have NE, Pitt, Raiders at the top of the conference. I picked KC and Denver for the WC, but liked Miami and Baltimore to be in the mix. I got the Steelers coming out of the AFC. NFC East Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Redskins Even though the Giants had Dallas' number last season, I'm giving the Cowboys the edge almost entirely on their offensive line, which remains the best in football. The Giants had one weakness last year: O-line. What did they do in the offseason to fix it? Nothing. It's sad that I'm the modern NFL I can't argue that the Giants awesome defense will solve their problems, but that's the football reality we live in: offense kills. It's criminal that the Giants failed yet again to shore up an O-line in front of an aging Eli Manning. I like Wentz at QB for the Eagles, but I don't like them or the Redskins for anything beyond 7 wins. NFC North Packers, Lions, Vikings, Bears Both the Lions and Packers have good O-lines and top QBs in Stafford and Rodgers. Lions were at the bottom of the league last year in rushing. Neither defense is better than average. I give the Packers the edge with Rodgers, but I expect a close divisional race. It is gutting that Vikings QB Bridgewater will miss a second full season rehabbing his knee. NFC South Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Carolina, New Orleans Falcons have all the pieces. Win now or enjoy the "if only" club. I like Jameis Winston a lot, and I'll put them over the Panthers because Carolina has yet to prove they figured out why the wheels fell off last year. We've asked for, what, six seasons now if the Saints have a defense. They don't. NFC West Seattle, Arizona, Rams, 49ers I actually liked Seattle's trade for Sheldon Richardson and think he'll perform well for them unlike his ups and downs with the Jets. I can't take the Cardinals seriously with Carson Palmer at QB. Rams are in Goff development mode and the 49ers are lost. NFC Playoffs I like the Cowboys, Falcons and Seahawks as the elite teams here. Giants and Bucs for the wildcards. I'm going out on a limb to pick the Cowboys coming out of the NFC, on the logic that Dak Prescott will evolve enough behind this O-line to become a top QB. (After 2 games, boy does this pick look shaky. Dak does not show any improvement from last year. The defense got torched in Denver. On the other hand, Cowboys are 1.5 games ahead of the Giants whose O-line problems continue (LT Flowers is a total bust).) Worst Teams Although I root for the Jets every down during every miserable season, I hope my reward is that they'll eek out a top 3 pick for their efforts. Browns, Bills, Bears, 49ers and Luck-less Colts are all in the running for what may be one of the better QB drafts in some time. Go...Jets?
  3. Apologies for the downtime. One of the benefits of a sleepy forum? No one cares about downtime. There were some significant problems, and I had to delete a few things server side and then submit a support ticket for a separate issue I was having on the software side. I'll try to bullet point things. The 'p' button on my keyboard is working about half the time. The Gallery is gone. There's just no point to keeing keeping it at this juncture. We now have the otion (damn it) option of creating Clubs. These can have their own forums/blogs. Clubs have leaders and moderators. Public or private. Instead of pointlessly +/- 1 to a post you like/loathe, you can now pointlessly add a reaction: like, thanks, confused, sad, haha. So yeah. I'll add a skull option this weekend. (I've still left the -1 (negative) reaction disabled. Please turn to reddit for all your neg needs.) Suggestions for this welcome. It looks easy to add new ones. If anyone sees Gashlycrumb Tinies/Edward Gorey icons, let me know. The reputation system hasn't changed, and I don't care about it, but the default levels are lame and I'll change those. I remember seeking suggestions to this years ago. Blogs are still a feature. I don't know why I pay money for it, but I do. Couldn't justify pointless Galleries, but pointless Blogs? Yessir. Tags are still a thing. I like those. Friends have been replaced by Followers for a reason I can neither understand nor articulate. As a result, all Friends have been deleted during the upgrade and everyone starts with 0 Followers. The medals/awards thing under the profile (to your left)...I added those by hand years ago. Now that feature is being sold at $15-20 per year, which seems nutty. I'll see if I can redo it, but the new software is...new. Its most likely future is deletion. I'll listen to any suggestions you may have, and I anticipate answering, "I don't have time to do that." Edit: the smilies have to be redone and reinstalled. The default ones are in for now.
  4. NFL season 2016

    Two things to add, after watching the Jets stamp their ticket for the 2017 draft with another ugly loss: I forgot to note one more recent failing of the NFL Network. No longer do they replay the best four games of the week. It's down to one now. Why? I don't know. To cram more "Good Morning Football" in our faces? That show is enough to make you hate football: awful hosts, awful banter. I suppose it's interesting if you want to watch four morons trying so hard to be cool. Lastly, "color rush" uniforms. Please stop and fire everyone involved.
  5. NFL season 2016

    At the four week mark, there are a few surprises (over- and under-performers): AFC: Steelers, Broncos Despite ranking near the bottom in major defensive categories, the Steelers have generally looked dominant in the AFC. I still think the Bengals have a shot though, if you look at the schedule more closely. Bengals only dropped games at Steelers (which you would pencil in as a loss anyway, taking the split at Cincinnati) and Broncos. They've won the games you expect them to win: Jets, Dolphins. Bengals have a rough first 6 games, with away games at Cowboys and at Pats on deck. But I don't panic here until they drop a home division game. I do think they'll probably need both Ravens games to take the division if Roethlisberger doesn't get gimpy again by midseason. The Paxton Lynch era has started a littler earlier than planned, but Broncos have been playing well behind Siemian and they'll continue to do so behind Lynch. Siemian won't start again absent injury to Lynch. NFC: Eagles, Cardinals, Rams, Panthers, Falcons Eagles: Yeah, they've played well, but I think it's too early to go crazy on the Eagles. They beat the Browns and Bears, neither of which is any good. The Steelers win is a quality win, though. Wentz has been very good. However, 3 of their next 5 games are divisional away games with a home game against the Vikings in the middle. That's a more indicative test. Rams: I can't reconcile the Rams of the last three games with the Rams who opened the season against the 49ers. And those wins came despite Gurley running like crap. I still don't buy the Rams and think they will come crashing down by midseason. They have an offense ranked dead last and a defense ranked near the bottom. That should tell you that nothing has really changed since preseason except this: they are averaging +1 takeaways per game. Stats are mostly meaningless in football, but not that one. Falcons: We've seen this before: early season success followed by horrendous choke. I'm still not a Falcons believer. Panthers: They look like they are suffering from the Super Bowl Slump, a malady that typically affects the winner, not the loser. There's still plenty of time to right the ship here. Cardinals: They look lost. Yes, Carson Palmer is useless in the playoffs, but they need him in the regular season, and despite the win on Thursday night (which was won on a key special teams turnover), they're in serious trouble. Jameis Winston (Bucs): he has looked awful. I don't put all the blame on his play. The Bucs have a lot of injuries, and while every team has injuries by this point in the season, I think it hurts the Bucs more. They need everything to break just right to do well, and I probably overrated them a bit. Extra bits: Start/don't start Romo on his return: If Dak Prescott is still playing at this level, do not start Romo. Having said that, the Dallas O-line is so good that it can make most QBs look phenomenal. Prescott is playing really well, but if he only looks average by the time Romo comes back, you have to start Romo. Romo isn't (and never was) a top 3 QB, but he's still in the top 10 (easily) and you gotta stick him in there. So why do I say don't start a top-10 QB in a QB-centric league? If Prescott is still showing that he's a well-above-average QB by week 10/11, you have to keep that offensive unit together, keep developing Prescott, and ensure Prescott is firing on all cylinders for the playoffs. At that point, you can't "see how Romo is," take away first-team snaps from Prescott, and hope an aging, brittle Romo can keep the momentum going. Jets: LBs can't cover anybody. DL is supposed to be all-world and is playing below average (except for Leonard Williams who is a beast). DBs can't cover anybody. QB is forcing throws (I don't blame Fitzpatrick at all. He's playing exactly like Fitzpatrick. Good game one week. Bad game another week. Had one amazing season last year. Back to par this season.) Running game is struggling. It's getting ugly. Giants: Francesa on WFAN made a great point comparing how the Giants messed up in their treatment of TE Shockey from years back and how they're treating Odell Beckham. His interview with Coach Macadoo was great, and (despite Francesa's faults) is why the big guy will be missed. No softball questions, and he pressed the coach on Beckham hard. Wouldn't let him get away with stock answers. NFL Network: God it sucks now. The morning program: I don't know why they keep trying to produce a "morning show" style show. It sucks. I don't care about morons trying to be funny and pretending to have real conversations about whatever. They keep changing the format, and it always sucks. More importantly, NFL Network has ruined its crown jewel: the GameDay Highlights show. There are two shows: the Mariucci show and then the Prime show (the latter has always been the better version). They've got Mariucci at this tiny little table in the bottom right corner of the screen. What the sweet fuck is going on with that framing? It looks ridiculous, Mr. Lazy Cameraperson. And they barely show highlights. It looks more like a halftime highlight show, (which are always garbage, by the way) where they show one (at most two) highlights of a game and that's that. The Prime show is 90 minutes and used to be awesome. They showed deep highlights of every game, bracketed by good football discussion of the game, sometimes adding a "where does team X go from here?" segment. Deion used to be a bit player. He was part of a team of analysts and would offer occasional insight and then a bit of humor here and there. He was a character. And it worked in the context of a larger team. He worked really well as a foil for the serious Mariucci. Then it changed. The Deion/Mariucci exchanges became slightly forced because some asshat producer said "this works! let's do more of this! shove more of this down everyone's throats!" (forgetting that it worked like a good dessert, only in moderation). Then it got even worse because Deion and Mariucci became caricatures of themselves. Mariucci became less serious and tried being this over-the-top-guy-who-was-sorta-serious-but-look-at-me-I'm-standing-up-making-lots-of-big-gestures. Deion started chiming in on player interviews, offering his unique brand of milquetoast softball questions. Then NFL Network split them up. GameDay Prime is now a "starring Deion Sanders" show, and it doesn't work. Nobody wants to see umpteen Deion Sanders interviews. God, the interviews. It's like a PR agent interviewing a PR agent of the same party. "You played well." "Yeah, I just did my thing." LaDanian Tomlinson, fine as part of a larger analyst team, looks lost in the Chris Rose/LT/Deion trio. The producers are obviously trying to create an LT Primetime-lite character, and it won't work. Just let LT be LT: a softspoken, average analyst. They have less analysis now, because, honestly, there is no hardcore analyst anymore. The show is on Deion's shoulders, and while he's great in small bites, his shtick is shallow as the entree. (Why the fuck am I using food metaphors here? That's awful shit.) So it sucks now. They still show highlights, but the analysis is not great. On the plus side, you can get through it in 20 minutes with a responsive fast-forward button. On a broader note, when it comes to picking the playoffs, don't undersell AFC North teams. The AFC North's interconference games are matched up against the NFC East, and the NFC East has turned out to be a killer division. So the AFC North division winner and WC team might have slightly lower records compared to other AFC teams. With the Ravens playing well, it's a 3-team division, which means each team has at least 8 difficult games. That's 4 against the NFC East, 4 against either Pitt/Ravens, Pitt/Bengals or Bengals/Ravens, and then 1 against the Patriots. 9 difficult games in total, without counting the 2 extra games that are scheduled based on last year's performances.
  6. NFL season 2016

    I hate being right. Forte looked good, so that's something. The D-line looked great. But the secondary will haunt them all season.
  7. I'll list the teams in each division in the order I think they'll finish. For the last decade or so, the league has put so much emphasis on the QB position that any variance in QB play can scramble predictions very easily. AFC East Pats, Jets, Dolphins, Bills What an ugly looking division. Pats have Brady suspended for four games, the Bills are a Rex Ryan team, the Dolphins have receivers and d-line and nothing else, the Jets are the Jets. I expect the Bills to implode on Ryan this year. He'll get them ready for exactly two games, both against the Jets. Gronk out for game one leaves few targets for the Brady-less Pats, but they have enough talent to win this weak division. I'd keep an eye on the Dolphins because they have a pretty easy schedule and could eek out enough wins to challenge. If the Dolphin's d-line can create havoc, I could see the Dolphins racking up some ugly wins. The Jets did the right thing holding out to sign Fitzpatrick for less. He looked awful in preseason, and I see no reason why he will have another once-in-a-lifetime season like he did last year. If he does, the Jets could do some real damage in the AFC. They have a lot of weapons at WR and can create a lot of mismatches in the spread formation. Lacking a TE hurts, and the O-line, which I thought showed some progress in preseason, is a legitimate question mark. Revis showed some vulnerability against Sammy Watkins last year, so it will be interesting to see if more teams challenge him with a speedy WR. I would. I think the Jets' secondary as a whole is a problem. The Jets' tough schdeule (4 of the first 6 and 6 of the first 9 are away games) could make room for the Dolphins. AFC North Bengals, Steelers, Ravens, Browns I like the Bengals to repeat as division champions. The Steelers ranked near the bottom in passing defense last year, I don't see any improvement, and I expect the secondary to get torched in tight spots. That said, the Steelers will still be a dangerous opponent in the playoffs. Picking the Ravens third in this division doesn't mean much when they kept nearly every game close last season while suffering injury after injury. Even if everything bounces right this year, I still think there are enough holes on the Ravens' O-line to be a problem against the Bengals and Steelers. Ravens need first-round pick Stanley to be a star at LT. Adding Pryor was a great move for the Browns, and I expected the RGIII to Pryor connection to be a constant refrain. But then the Browns dealt away the rest of their team. They're in full rebuild mode, and this will be a long year. AFC South Texans, Jaguars, Colts, Titans This is the trickiest division. I feel less confident about my picks here than any other. I'll give Osweiller the benefit of the doubt to give the Texans the nod. Osweiler looked decent last year with the Broncos, and it feels like the Texans have been looking for a QB for ages. They need something out of Clowney this year plus a healthy Watt. Jaguars' Bortles will show he is a franchise QB. The difference between the Colts and Jaguars might be whoever protects their QB better. The Colts need to figure out how to protect Luck, because he may die back there. Titans: I like Mariota and thought he had some very good games, but he's also shown some lapses in accuracy. I just don't think there's enough talent around him this year. AFC West Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers I thought the Raiders would compete for the division last year, so I'll die on this sword again. The Raiders look great on the O side of the ball. I'm concerned about defense, however. Secondary has been revamped, but still exploitable. LBs are below average against the run and pass. I'm already doubting my pick. Moving on to the Chiefs, they did great despite a big injury to Jamaal Charles last year. They need their CB draft picks to step up big. They also need Alex Smith not to be murdered behind their O-line. Denver should have enough talent to stay in the mix. Not too surprised Sanchez got cut for Siemian. Siemian looks decent if mistake-prone. Broncos will be relying on the run game, which normally would be fine, except it's not 1998 anymore: It's a QB league, and the Broncos are lacking. Expect Paxton Lynch to start somewhere around week 9/10. The drop off between the first three teams in this division and the Chargers is bigger than last year. NFC East Giants, Cowboys, Redskins, Eagles The O-line should be more settled this year, and the more games they can put under their belts as a unit will benefit Eli Manning. I like their improvements in the secondary, but make no mistake, consistency at O-line will drive this team to the playoffs. Romo is hurt again, and no one can be surprised. Dak Prescott should be fine behind the Cowboys' massive line. It's really the perfect spot for Prescott to grow into the position and keep Sanchez on the bench. If Romo were starting, I'd put the Cowboys as a lock for the division. I don't have a lot of confidence in anything the Redskins do, but the Eagles...good luck, Eagles. Great no-brainer trade for the Eagles to send Bradford to the Vikings for a #1 pick. I thought Bradford was going to fit in well with the Eagles, but he has lost a step since his days with the Rams which were plagued by injuries and an up and down team. I'm surprised the Eagles got so much for him. This year is no longer about winning for the Eagles: it's about developing Carson Wentz and drafting for 2017. NFC North Packers, Vikings, Bears, Lions When healthy, the Packers are a top 3 team. You look at this lineup and you can't help but expect them to go deep into the playoffs. It sucks that Bridgewater got injured. I was looking forward to the Vikings challenging the Packers this year. Bradford is an okay replacement, and he'll do fine precisely because he won't be asked to do much. Last season, he looked all-world for a couple of plays and then awful the next 3. Very inconsistent. This year, he'll be in a normal offense with a solid running game. I think the Vikings saved their season by trading for him, but he has been brittle. Bears: I love the interior of their new O-line. If the entire line can gel, giving Cutler time, this is a dangerous offense. Jeffrey is a great (great, great, great) receiver. Cutler's mistakes are few, but when he makes them, they are game-killers. I see enough questions on defense to slot the Bears in at 3rd place (with an outside shot at 2nd place and last wildcard). Lions are good for 6 wins or so. It looks like they're rebuilding around a new O-line. Ansah is a great DE, sure, but I don't see enough from anyone else not to double-team him all year. NFC South Panthers, Bucs, Saints, Falcons The Panthers are legit and I think the NFC belongs only to them, Packers and Cardinals. Winston will have a big second year. The Bucs secondary is their biggest hole, but they drafted to the position, and Hargreaves needs to shine here for the Bucs to have a shot at the playoffs. The Saints don't wow me anywhere, but they have enough weapons to put up points on any team. That alone will keep them in the hunt until the defense inevitably lets them down late. I don't like anything the Falcons do anymore. They're going to give up a ton of points. NFC West Cardinals, Seahawks, Rams, 49ers This is a two-team division. In some ways, the Cardinals are built to be Seahawk-kryptonite. Does Palmer choke in the playoffs again? Probably, but not before getting a high seed by winning the division. Seahawks: They still have offensive weapons and a great D to keep games close, but their O-line is a hot mess. Rams: Gurley can carry this team all the way to...3rd place in the division. With no draft picks in the foreseeable future, I hope they enjoy it. I don't think drafting QB Goff was worth it. The 49ers are garbage. Overall, I think the best teams in the league are all in the NFC: Packers, Panthers, Cardinals (Palmer's historical performances in the playoffs being a concern). Then probably the Seahawks before you start looking at AFC teams.
  8. Pokemon Go

    I don't have hard data to back this up, but it "felt" like the capture rate dropped between 22 & 23. Anything particularly common or rare? E.g. I haven't even seen a chancey, snorlax, lapeas, or muck/grimer. On the other hand, I found a park where Charmander is as common as a pidgey.
  9. Pokemon Go

    Yeah, it's not bad. Found a lot of parks I never knew existed. I'm grinding through 24 at the moment. 101/151.
  10. Dead recap: Prince, Ali, Kimbo

    Somebody needs to name their new pet Prince Ali Kimbo.
  11. What video games are you playing?

    Got a code for Total War: Warhammer from a friend. Take those old historical Total War games, add magic and a little quest system (and AI that will actually coordinate for the greater good against the hordes of Chaos) and you have a pretty cool game.
  12. Here are three names you would never use in a sentence together: Prince, Muhammad Ali, Kimbo Slice. All dead now. Good time to rewatch Ali's fights. Fun stuff.
  13. Job Changes

    Weird Al is the best. The best.
  14. Job Changes

    Don't worry, the robot overlords will still need guys like us to write and print headstones for the human race. In all seriousness, good luck. Look for opportunities there where you can move up and manage people or projects (something you could use to pitch yourself to another place, should you ever need. Pitch it as a project and not a "print project," as in "I managed a $x project about y, coordinating z people and w subprojects." Or just see how many times you can say "I'm goal oriented! Leadership!" at a job interview.)
  15. Nice to see you again, RF2. I like the art, and the characters and abilities look fun. I think the biggest impediment for me is I don't have a group of similarly skilled people who would regularly play. My fps skills are badly eroded. I tried getting back into these games with the Verdun beta, but I was getting slaughtered and I don't have the hours to get back into fps-shape.